Sedation Dentistry

Guarantee Comfort with Sedation Dentistry In Carlton OR

conscious sedation dentistry McMinnville OR and Carlton ORDental fear can keep patients from getting complex treatments or from achieving the smiles of their dreams.

You deserve a pain and worry-free procedure at Carlton Dental. When you choose sedation dentistry, after your hour long dental procedure is complete, you’ll feel like you were only in the chair for a few minutes. You won’t have any recollection of any discomfort or noise and the procedure itself may seem like a dream.

With sedation dentistry at Carlton Dental, you can walk away with a gorgeous smile and zero stress! Sedation dentistry allows patients to:

  • Overcome the fear and anxiety they associate with the dentist
  • Sit calmly in the dental chair
  • Respond to commands and questions without feeling nervous
  • Undergo several procedures in one comfortable sitting
  • Avoid sensitivity and discomfort and have an enjoyable procedure

Conscious Sedation at Carlton Dental

We have found that our patients feel most comfortable and in control with conscious sedation. Conscious sedation allows the patient to be awake throughout their procedure, but in a state of total tranquility. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation for our Carlton – McMinnville area patients.

Nitrous oxide | Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is inhaled through a breathing mask during your visit. Nitrous oxide is best for relieving mild to moderate anxiety, and its effects quickly wear off after the procedure.
Oral conscious sedation | Oral conscious sedation does not require needles or masks. All you have to do is take a prescription pill shortly before your appointment begins. Conscious sedation will allow you to feel relaxed and ready when you come in for your visit.

Why Choose a Sedation Certified Dental Office?

nitrous oxide Carlton OR and McMinnville ORYou and your loved ones deserve the safest and most effective sedation possible. When conscious sedation is not administered properly, it quickly becomes pointless. You need a dental team who is experienced with and confident in administering sedation dentistry.

The Carlton Dental team has undergone special training to become licensed in the administration of nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. Our team is certified by the DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) to ease your anxiety with dental sedation.

Are you ready for a great dental experience with nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation? Call us today to schedule a pain-free, commitment-free consultation with Dr. Gambee at Carlton Dental if you are in the area, including McMinnville OR.

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