Emergency Dental Care

Your Emergency Dentist In Carlton OR

emergency dentist Carlton OR for a toothache McMinnville ORHere at Carlton Dental, we place a special emphasis on compassionate emergency dental care. Dental emergencies never happen at a convenient time, and they usually require same-day care. Our emergency dentist understands the importance of your needs and is prepared to handle same day appointments for dental emergencies.

When you come into Carlton Dental for urgent care, your emergency dentist, Dr. Gambee, will administer a comprehensive oral exam to properly assess your needs. He will use x-rays to learn more about the damage and take time to consult with you about your treatment options.

Signs of a dental emergency include breakage or chipping, a loose or knocked out tooth, or a severe and constant toothache. Some of the emergency dental care treatments we use include:

Chipped tooth repair | Injuries from sports and activities often result in chipped teeth. Emergency dentist Dr. Kolt can use dental bonding, fillings, or veneers to restore your healthy smile.
Fillings and crowns | When bacteria eats away at your enamel, you may experience toothache and discomfort. We can repair your tooth with a tooth-colored filling or crown.
Tooth extraction and/or restoration | Has your tooth fallen out or become damaged beyond repair? Save the tooth or its pieces in milk and call us right away. If you see us for emergency dental care, we can use advanced dental methods to save the natural tooth or install a replacement one.
Root canals | Is an intense toothache leaving you distressed? You may be suffering from a tooth infection and need root canal therapy. Your natural tooth can still be saved if you quickly consult an emergency dentist.

“Thank you, for your emergency care!! Very gentle and kind. I would recommend you and will continue to see you, great job!”
Michele K.

Same Day Treatment

emergency dental care Carlton OR and McMinnville ORA mouth injury or a paralyzing toothache cannot wait until tomorrow. Dr. Gambee provides same-day appointments in Carlton to meet your needs and provide your ideal treatment.

Your comfort is our first priority. We will reduce your toothache and stress as quickly as possible when you come to see us for emergency dental care. We also provide safe dental sedation to allow you to relax throughout your procedure.

You don’t have to wait in pain when you have an emergency dentist who is always available to you. Call us at Carlton Dental today for emergency dental care if you are in the Carlton OR area, including McMinnville OR.

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